The Minotti Roger Sofa


Roger is one of the most versatile sofas of the Italian brand Minotti, and it is now on display at the new Flagship Store Minotti Lisboa by QuartoSala, in Chiado.

The Roger sofa, a creation by the renowned designer Rodolfo Dordoni in 2021, developed in collaboration with Minotti, is remarkable piece of furniture. It consists of the Roger Suite, along with two variants: the Roger Spring Sofa, with options for a monobloc seat, or an armless version. It's not just a sofa; it's a versatile system, or rather, a super system, designed to inspire endless interpretations and configurations. The Roger sofa truly represents a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality.

The Roger collection displays an eclectic character, purposefully crafted to cater to those who seek unique and distinctive solutions for their interior decoration needs. With its versatile design, the Roger sofa effortlessly blends into various settings.

The Roger It provides an immersive experience, elevating your living or corporate space to new heights of elegance and ease.

Be sure to visit the new Flagshipstore Minotti Lisboa in Largo de São Carlos, and personally check out the elegance and versatility of this model.