The iconic Pipistrello lamp is now at QuartoSala


Pipistrello is a table lamp that was first designed in 1965 by the famous Italian architect and designer Gae Aulenti, and it has since become a classic of modern design.


The lamp's name, Pipistrello, is Italian for "bat," and its distinctive shape is reminiscent of a bat's wings.

Martinelli Luce started production of the lamp in that same year of 1965, and it has been in production ever since.

Along the years Martinelli introduced some variations to the materials and the technology, maintaining the essential design and the iconic shape.

The lamp features a large diffuser and a telescopic stem which allows for its height to be adjusted. The  lighting technology was updated to energy-efficient LED, and a version with a dimmer is also available.

In addition, Martinelli offers the Pipistrello lamp in ten different finishes, including a Gold plated-4 k limited edition.

Currently it has two dimensions, a wireless version, and another 4.0 with color regulation via smart phone.

Pipistrello is a celebration of Design.