The Edra Pack sofa: creativity unleashed


A white bear lying down on the snow is the backrest of the Edra Pack sofa, its base a large uneven block of ice layers, like the ones seen floating in the waters of the Arctic or the Antarctic.

Global warming is one of the themes on the international agenda, and today Design echoes all these concerns.

The Pack sofa is a creation of the renowned designer Francesco Binfaré, who was invited by Massimo Morozzi, in 1992, to design for Edra. During this thirty-year collaboration he has designed large, soft, sculptural sofas with varying configurations, and a high level of comfort. In 2022, he was honored with the Compasso d’Oro Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the most prestigious and coveted Design awards in the world.

The base of the Pack sofa is composed of two parts that form a right angle of three meters and seventy centimeters by two fifty. The seat is padded with Gellyfoam® and feather, covered with a special fabric.‎ The backrest is soft, made of polyester and covered with ecological fur.‎ The Pack sofa is available in black or white.

It is an amazing sofa that shows the vitality of this Italian designer.