Stella McCartney collection for B&B Italia


This is a debut for the famous British fashion designer in the world of furniture design. Stella McCartney adopts a pattern from one of her latest fashion collections for a B&B Italia Le Bambole series.

In 2022, B&B Italia relaunches the Le Bambole collection with a special edition designed in collaboration with Stella McCartney. The new Le Bambole armchair and Granbambola three-seater sofa feature a hand-drawn Fungi Forest print, in tune with the excellence of Bellini’s creation and top brand B&B high standards in terms of excellence in the production process, innovation, and sustainability.

Stella McCartney is known for her commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion, and this is reflected in the design for the B&B Italia collection. The use of sustainable materials 100% biodegradable and toxin-free, are made in factories that follow OceanSafe standards.

The new Le Bambole armchair and the Granbambola three-seater sofa featuring Stella McCartney’s Fungi Forest upholstery will soon be available in Lisbon at QuartoSala store at Príncipe Real.