Quaderna writing desk by Zanotta


This desk is part of a collection created in the late 1960s by Superstudio Misura M., a collective of recent graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, known as the 'Enfants terribles'.

They advocated an intersection of disciplines — architecture, graphic design, photography, painting and industrial design —within a 'logic of horizontal thinking'. The result was a vanguard style, innovative and challenging.

This new approach brought a disruptive vision on what Design should be, while proposing a democratization of the access to creation.  

Originally, the Superstudio designs where manufactured for a travelling exhibition called "L’invenzione della superficie neutra", and were part of a collection integrated in the catalogue of Serie Misura “M”.

Part of this series was subsequently produced by Zanotta under the name Quaderna.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Quaderna collection, Zanotta relaunches some of its iconic products, among which the Quaderna writing Desk.