Interior Design projects in Portugal


The services of an experienced and highly professional team are essential to ensure the correct choice of materials, as well as the supervision of all the phases that are involved in the intervention.

The advantages of having such a team in charge of your project are manifold.

A structured and specialized service guarantees a good execution of the design project, be it in a more in-depth intervention in the space, or a simpler interior design prop up. In both cases it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of the needs of those who inhabit the space, in order to offer the most adequate solutions.

The projects must take into account and reflect the expectations of the costumer.

It is also important to keep up-to-date on the technological developments and trends in Interior Design that are unravelling at a very fast pace. It is therefore essential to have a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the creative output of renowned designers and brands.

The selection of high quality and long-lasting materials, the choice of more eco-friendly industrial processes, the appraisal of craftsmanship and handmade articles, and the curation of Design Classics, are the trademark of QuartoSala’s approach to Design projects.

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