The success of Brazilian Design in Lisbon


The ties between Portugal and Brazil are so strong that it becomes inevitable to include Brazilian Design in the curation of QuartoSala.

The rich cultural heritage, language, poetry, and music provide the common foundation for the profound appreciation of Brazilian arts and creativity, which naturally encompasses

Some 6 years ago, QuartoSala began to actively promote the work of creators such as Sergio Rodrigues, Jader Almeida, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Flavio de Carvalho, and the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, showcasing the best of Brazilian Design and artistic creation, and giving the first steps in securing the exclusive representation of these creators in Lisbon.

This is the case of Jader Almeida, one of the most well-known international creators of his generation, with numerous awards, and with an extensive production of furniture that has inherited the values of the masters: the love for wood and the desire to democratize access to Design.

The success of Brazilian Design in Lisbon is evidence that what separates us is merely a geographical border. The Atlantic is a sea of admiration and respect for the inspiration of these Brazilian authors, which is why we offer the best Brazilian Design to our clients in Lisbon.