Jardim Side Table by Jader Almeida


Just like in our garden, the “flowers” are springing from the floor of our Brazilian Design store.

This is the closest image we can give to describe one of the most successful and appraised Design collections by Jader de Almeida.

Reflecting the designer’s fascination with simple and harmonious lines, the table has an elegant stem and, just like the tops, can be made in different materials and colours.

Jader’s design has a strong focus on simple geometry, beauty, continuity and functionality.

With different heights and shapes for the tabletops, the Jardim Side Tables are one of the most sought-after pieces in our stores.

The “stem” is a painted carbon steel base and there is a range of tops that can be in wood - made in oak, walnut or beech wood - or, in a totally different approach, in black Marquina, Carrara or dark Emperador marble stone. The top can also be flat or concave.

The Jardim Side Table by Jader Almeida offers a number of possibilities in the choice of the materials that are more suitable to your interior or outdoor design.

They are beautiful, aren’t they?