Lighting: the magic of Occhio transforms QuartoSala's design language


Imagine a lighting brand that has the remarkable ability to effortlessly transform the atmosphere of your home with a simple gesture, almost as if by pure magic.

Such is the essence of Occhio. Founded in Germany in the late 1990s by Axel Meisel, a mechanical engineer fueled by a deep passion for lighting, Occhio emerged with the vision of revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with light within our living spaces.

All Occhio luminaire models, including their light intensity and temperature, feature a remarkable dimming capability. This can be effortlessly controlled either through a remote control utilizing domotics or by approaching the luminaire and making a simple gesture. This technological simplicity grants us the ability to optimize our experience in each space and adjust the light temperature to suit the time of day.

This striking and almost magical feature is the core essence of Occhio, setting it apart from other lighting brands. These features revolutionize our perception of technology's role in serving design, beautifully combining functionality and aesthetics, offering a seamless and enchanting lighting experience.

Occhio has transformed QuartoSala's vision and approach to lighting projects, establishing a new standard for luxury and sophistication. It is truly worth exploring the diverse range of Occhio luminaire collections, which encompass suspension, table, floor, and wall lamps. Each collection possesses a distinct character, exemplified by the Mito, Sento, and Più series. These designs emanate an aura of exclusivity and draw inspiration from minimalism, resulting in a truly unique and captivating lighting experience.

You can find the Knoll Occhio collection at QuartoSala stores.