JOV new collection of Mushroom rugs


The Belgian brand JOV has launched a new collection of rugs called M-SHWY at the Milan Design Fair.

This collection was created in collaboration with the Berlin-based Studio Mary Lennox, which drew inspiration from nature to create rugs with organic shapes that recreate the texture and image of wild mushrooms.

These carpets are handcrafted in Europe, using high-quality materials such as New Zealand wool, Lyocell vegetable fiber, Merino wool, and Egyptian cotton.

The Mushroom rugs display a soft color palette in the center, which becomes more intense towards the edges, creating a unique 3D effect.

With this collaboration, JOV consolidates its position as an expert in the production of high-quality rugs, with the artistic input of the Berlin-based Studio Mary Lennox which showcases the work of the floral artist Ruby Barber, renowned for her work with nature and botanical design.

This new collection offers a unique experience of sophistication, enhanced by the quality of materials used by JOV in the production of their rugs.