Outdoor Lighting


LED lighting has seen major breakthroughs, becoming an intrinsic part of lighting design for indoor and outdoor settings.

Its range is immense, its flexibility enormous, the combinations endless. LED lighting can create the ambience you want for your outdoor space, as it is available in any desired shapes, colours, sizes and lumen.

Another significant feature is its capability as a directional and concentrated light source.  Be it a small detail you want to enhance, or a whole environment you want to create, LED has opened the door for very interesting advancements in outdoor lighting design. 

Outdoor LED luminaires can be multifunctional and interactive, which is the case of models like the Palo Alto, of the Spanish brand Vibia, inspired by tree branches, that can be articulated with different structures such as, for instance, a pergola in your garden.

LED is ideal for landscape, by highlighting walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more. 

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