The Ziqqurat Collection by Driade


The Ziqqurat Collection has a unique decorative value, both in the geometric design version or in its most romantic one.

In 2020, the Design Driade Lab proposed an expansion of the Ziqqurat collection with its recognizable patterns: the floral version with tassels, and the contrasting two-colour striped cabinet with handle. 

The modular Ziqqurat cabinet, in its floral pattern version, has an unusual set-up – the three sobreposed modules in ever smaller dimensions bring to mind the ancient sumerian ziggurats which are the inspiration for the name of the whole collection.

The vertical version comes as a small cabinet and an extra small cabinet designed for a contemporary living space and lifestyle. The high standards of the finishes and fittings are also noteworthy.

Driade was founded in the late 60s and was since its inception a brand with a very strong differentiation and a desire to bring this irreverence and sophistication to all the spaces where it is on display.