B&B Italia launches Allure O' table by Monica Armani


The frenetic 60's of revolutionary, libertarian and experimental spirit were also fertile in the fields of fashion and other creative areas.

Icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Jaqueline Kennedy inspired stylists and film directors to break barriers and to set trends. On the catwalks and movie screens, a flourishing feminist wave was inspiring a generation of women and creators.

The sunglasses worn by of Jacqueline Kennedy (later Onassis), with their slightly convex lenses, were the Italian designer Monica Armani’s inspiration for the tabletop collection for B&B Italia, a tribute to the elegance of the 1960s.

The Allure O' collection wants to reinforce the importance of the way of sitting at the table in an elegant and simple way.

Monica Armani says that she was overcome by the nostalgia for the era, with Jackie Onassis setting the tone for the collection, named Allure in her honor.

In Monica Armani’s own words: “To create the Allure O' collection and the Flair O' chair I designed volumes that somehow evoke the memory of the glamorous imagery of the 1960s."