Arflex Arcolor sofa at QuartoSala


A rounded corner sofa is always a differentiating piece in the ambience of a place, and this model from the Italian brand Arflex is an example of this.

It is an extremely elegant sofa with an organic design, inspired by the classic geometry of the arch. A rhythmic repetition is found in the sofa’s arched cushions, arms, and legs, recalling the form of a Roman aqueduct. 

Arcolor is a modular system well suited to home interiors as well as to public spaces. The same curvaceous shapes are replicated on the small support tables, an optional feature, which can be placed between the seats or on the sofa’s arms.

Arcolor was created in 2017 by Jaime Hayon, the Spanish “enfant terrible” considered as a trail-blazing talent in the world of design. Born in Madrid, Hayon joined Fabrica in 1997, where he directed the design department until 2003. He established Hayon Studio in the year 2000. In addition to furniture design, Hayon pursues a multifaceted career touching almost every creative field.