Storet by Acerbis: the legacy of Italian Design


In 1994, the Italian artist, designer, and architect Nanda Vigo (1936-2000) designed an eight-drawer cabinet for Acerbis, in line with the avant-garde spirit of her creations.

This sculptured monobloc that may or may not be at first sight a chest of drawers, is a playful trompe l’oeil that rightly belongs to the Acerbis Remasters collection, an historical archive curated by Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces.

The top Italian brand Acerbis recently re-edited the original vertical cabinet, launching at the same time the low three-drawer bedside table, manufactured for the first time only now.

The structure of the cabinets is in walnut wood, with the drawers available in a wide palette of glossy lacquered colors.

Storet promises to become a new object of desire.