Camaleonda Sofa: a contemporary classic (Video)


Camaleonda is an iconic sofa, designed in the 70s by Mario Bellini.

Unveiled for the first time in 1972 in an exhibition at the MoMA in New York, it was revolutionary in its aesthetics and the approach to the way of seating.

The multitude of possible module combinations and large proportions were a transgression of the formality of sitting furniture design that everyone took for granted. The Camaleonda sofa swiftly appeared in several film sets of the time.

B&B decided to reedit the sofa, introducing changes in the internal structure and chosen materials, with particular attention to eco-sustainability (100% recyclable and certificate of origin).

Well into the 21st century, Camaleonda still offers unlimited modularity, while making a kind of ‘back to the future' statement.

A contemporary B&B classic that you can find at our QuartoSala store at Rua do Século in Lisbon.