Poliform Westside Sofa


Visit QuartoSala Design stores in Lisbon and try the confort of WestSide, one of the most recent Poliform sofas, designed by Jean Marie-Massaud.

Do you have a large living area that can accommodate an ample sofa? Then Westside is the right sofa for the most exclusive living areas and all the environments in the house where there are spaces to dedicate to comfort and relaxation.

Like all Poliform sofas, Westside is a modular sofa. We can design the final display for your living area, thanks to the number of the module’s possible combinations.

We can freely combine the modules with coffee tables, which can be positioned in a variety of displays. The modules can also be transformed into chaises longues, and we can supply removable backrests and seat cushions entirely adaptable to different needs.  

Expression of absolute comfort, the refined balance of materials and shapes reinvent the living area experience.

We assess the potential of the space and propose one or more suitable configurations exploring the Westside sofa versatility.

The sofa is available in a variety of colours and fabrics. The pre-cover is in cotton cloth and feather, and the upholstery is available in removable fabric or leather. It rests on a thin wooden base.

The designer Jean-Marie Massaud defends that flexibility and versatility are the two most important features of the Westside sofa. 

The Westside sofa can be seen at our stores.