Introducing Onda: the RODA outdoor Poufs


Embrace the beauty of organic shapes with the Onda Collection, a line of outdoor furniture designed to elevate your summer experience and provide ultimate comfort.

Crafted by Gordon Guillaumier, the Onda poufs create an inviting oasis of leisure and relaxation, infusing a delightful ambiance into any outdoor setting.

The collection includes a chaise lounge and poufs, all enveloped in waterproof fabrics available in a spectrum of 27 colors. Built with a base resistant to heat and water, they offer unparalleled durability for outdoor use, making them ideal for any weather conditions.

Thanks to the addition of handles, transporting and rearranging the Onda poufs is an easy task.,

Comfort, versatility, and unwavering durability are the defining features of this remarkable collection by RODA, the prestigious Italian brand renowned for its exceptional outdoor furniture.

Available in the QuartoSala catalogue.