Minotti Tape “Cord” outdoor


Japonese studio Nendo designed this outdoor furniture collection for the Italian super-brand

At a moment when we are still indoors, anticipating the day when we can all come out of this predicament stronger than ever, with a new perspective on life, it is important to start planning that time, which will surely come soon.

Once this phase is over, we will want to go outdoors, encircled by light and comfort. And we will have the same attitude outdoors as we have indoors; being positive and enjoying outdoor living.   

This is what the Tape “Cord” outdoor will do for us; give us all the comfort that the Japanese studio has devised and that we associate with Minotti.

The couture detail of Tape - the piece of ribbon that holds the feet on to the body, and gives the name to the collection - takes the form of a metal plate in Bronze colour, a finish that is the leitmotiv of all the outdoor seats of the 2019 Collection. 

It is time to start dreaming of a beautiful outdoor living.

You can consult the collection in the QuartoSala catalogue.