MINOTTI at QuartoSala in Lisbon


Minotti has an embedded made in Italy DNA. It is one of the inescapable brands in the international history of furniture Design. A 70-year long tradition of passion for creativity

Minotti excels in the flawless quality of the execution of their products and the excellence of its finishes.

Minotti products have a long lifespan and their design is both classic and contemporary. The aesthetics of the brand is timeless and elicit an intimate connection between Indoors and Outdoors.

Minotti furniture, be it a sofa, an armchair or a table, is resilient and it triggers an emotional engagement, established upon learning the history behind each designer and the Design of each piece.

Minotti developed, especially over the last decade, a multicultural profile. In these globalized times, the brand has assembled in its catalogue the work of designers from the four corners of the world; for instance, the Italian designer Rodolfo Dordoni (who is also the brand’s creative director), the French designer Christophe Delcourt, Marcio Kogan, the Brazilian designer who signs an outdoor collection, and Nendo, the prestigious Japanese studio, amongst others.

The designers follow the guidelines of the Minotti family’s brand, which is presently run by the two sons of the founder, Alberto Minotti. Renato and Roberto Minotti presently share the studio’s space (and lore) with the founders’ grandsons, who are at the helm of the research and development department of this brand, established in Meda in 1948.

You can find Minotti products at the various QuartoSala stores, but they figure prominently at the Rua do Século’s ample new store, located in the exclusive Príncipe Real neighbourhood in Lisbon.