KNOLL: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Womb Chair


In 1948, Florence Knoll commissioned Eero Saarinen to design the revolutionary Womb Chair—an embodiment of defiance against conventional seating norms.

Expressing her dissatisfaction with chairs that restricted movement, she posed a compelling question: "Why not rise to the challenge of creating something unique, a chair reminiscent of a basket filled with pillows, where one could comfortably curl up and unwind?"

The Womb chair emerged as a result of this query, defying the established norms of that era regarding what a chair could be. It pushed boundaries not only in terms of innovative techniques and technology that enabled its unique form but also in its functionality. Conceived by Eero Saarinen in 1948, the primary aim of the Womb Chair's original design was to cater to our inherent longing for comfort, a purpose that has transcended numerous generations and remains relevant to this day.

In a letter to J. Irwin Miller in 1949, Saarinen eloquently expressed the concept behind the chair, stating that it was "designed with the theory that many people have never felt truly comfortable and safe since they came out of the womb.

The Womb Chair has stood the test of time and continues to be manufactured with its original design. Remarkably, it remains one of Knoll's bestselling products, celebrating an impressive 75 years of production. In honor of this milestone, new images of the chair have been unveiled this year.

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