Roger Pradier Lighting at QuartoSala

The success of this brand lies in the combination of classic lines with the more avant-garde design in its collections. Being meticulous in the design and production of its luminaries is another trademark of this brand.
In 2001, Roger Pradier invited the multifaceted French designer Stéphane Joyeux to take the place of Creative Director. In addition to designing most of the company´s models, Joyeux coordinates all the collections of the brand and is responsible for overseeing all stages of production.
The brand specializes in outdoor lighting, created by some of the most famous international designers, such as Patrick Norguet, Cédric Ragot or Philippe Nigro.
At Quartosala, we give special attention to Arteluce, a company at the heart of the creative explosion in postwar italian lighting design. Besides being a manufacturer, ArteLuce represents 39 lighting brandes, one of them being, of course, Roger Pradier.
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