Tribute to Rodolfo Dordoni (1954-2023)


We bid farewell to the Architect and Designer Rodolfo Dordoni, who died on August 1, in Milan.

We are saddened by the death of this exceptional creator whose legacy will continue to inspire designers, artists, and art lovers for many decades to come.

Graduating in Architecture in 1979, his first collaboration in the world of design was with Giulio Cappellini. Together, they established the language and direction of the Cappellini brand.

Over the years, he collaborated with Italy’s leading brands, assuming the role of Art Director for iconic names such as Artemide, FontanArte, Foscarini, Salvatori, Flou, Kettal, Venini and Roda, among others. 

In 1998, he became the Art Director of Minotti, and the coordinator of all the company’s collections, a position he held until his passing, working in continuous creative exchange with Renato and Roberto Minotti.

About him, Renato Minotti says: “Rodolfo Dordoni contributed to the creation of a precise stylistic language which made Minotti renowned on an international level. A true lover of art and beauty, Rodolfo found the right balance between creative passion and rigueur to create with us a winning combination that has made our products timeless classics.'

You can find many of the latest collections by Rodolfo Dordoni at the new Minotti Lisboa by QuartoSala store.