Grande Soffice Sofa by Edra at QuartoSala


The linear shape of this sofa ends in soft curves, providing a unique comfort experience.

The modular sofa Grande Soffice designed by the Italian master Francesco Binfaré has a system of 'smart cushions' that you can shape: they can be pulled up or down, responding to a slight hand pressure, allowing the backrests to be reclined for ultimate relaxation.

It is padded in Gellyfoam and a generous amount of goose down. Gellyfoam, developed and patented by Edra, is a special foam that combines softness with support; unlike a spring it does not bounce back but it molds around your body, for the highest comfort.

Francesco Binfaré defines it as follows: "It is a sculpture that fits into people’s houses the same way a monument or an obelisk or a cathedral fit into the urban space. It is itself an architecture, a primordial, sophisticated nest".

The Grande Soffice has several possible configurations. You can find the one that best suits your needs at our Príncipe Real store, in Rua de O Século.