Mocho STOOL by Sergio Rodrigues


Mocho Stool is an unsurpassed classic. It was launched in 1954 and it has been part of our lives ever since. The Mocho stool is synonymous with quality in Brazilian Design.


QuartoSala is proud to present a very special selection of Brazilian designers at its Lisbon stores.

The Mocho stool was he first piece to be created by trailblazing  designer Sergio Rodrigues and it went straight into production in 1954. This small piece gave us a glimpse of what was to become a brilliant career which is globally acknowledged.

His 1954 sketch for the Mocho stool already reflected the passion of the architect and designer for furniture design, one that could convey Brazilian popular culture both in furniture and interior design.

Sergio Rodrigues translated this idea into his work, and the Mocho chair was inspired by a woman sitting on a one-legged stool milking a cow, a mocha cow, in a region  in the interior of Brazil.

Mocho transposed the principles of popular culture to a design that became an icon of Brazilian design up to this day.

You can find the Mocho stool in our catalogue as well as in our Príncipe Real store, in Lisbon, where other pieces from this brilliant designer are also on display.